Cavaliers vs Warriors are good for the game

As the 2017 NBA finals are in full swing many fans debate if the match up is good for the game. Now some fans say no because in the last three years the teams have played each other every game has pretty much been a blowout except for game 7 of the 2016 finals. For the last couple years, everybody expected these two teams to play each other in the finals and that is what many fans do not like. NBA fans say that having these two dominate teams makes for a very boring 82 game season because everyone knows these two teams will duke it out in the finals.

Having two dominate teams like this is a good thing though. NBA fans and sports fans always want the two best teams to play each other for the championships and every sports fan wants rivalries. Furthermore, it is exciting that these two teams have a lot of talent on them which is what people want to watch, fans want to watch superstars not a bunch of tier 2 caliber players. Anytime you get a matchup of not only the top teams but the top stars it will bring in the ratings and more people will watch. The 2017 NBA finals will feature 11 named all stars. Which likely means not many people would tune in to watch a Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors game, just because the talent level is nowhere near the Warriors or Cavs.

It is like the NCAA tournament, not nearly as many people watch the regular season games if at all compared to when March Madness starts up, and that is one of the biggest things in sports. Millions and Millions of brackets are filled out each year and people only watch for a couple weeks knowing the chances are good that a big-name school will likely win it all.

The Cavaliers and Warriors do not hurt basketball just like the Lakers and Celtics did not hurt basketball when Magic and Bird matched up against each other. It brings fans closer to the game because of the big rivalry and the big number of stars. These two teams make people talk about the game with their friends or on social media. These two teams are one of the best match ups in NBA history.

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