Cavs and Celtics trade Part 1 (Cleveland side)

I will admit that when I first heard about the blockbuster trade between Cleveland and Boston I was not in favor of it. However, as I began to dwell on it more I have determined it is good for both teams (maybe). The reason I say maybe is because it seems more like a spider web of what if’s then having a clear winner.

First let’s start with Cleveland. The Cavs loved Kyrie and rightfully so, that guy was supposed to be the future after Lebron and he made in my opinion hands down the most clutch shot in Cavs history against Golden State in the 2016 finals game 7. Let alone his defense was lockdown, no doubt losing him is hard on the Cavs and their fans.

The Cavs got Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Nets’ 2018 unprotected first-round pick. Now to start with the positives, Isaiah Thomas is a star in this league and has even in talk for MVP last year. Furthermore, Thomas has proven he can play with a heavy heart and still preform, he proved this last year in the playoffs after the death of his sister. Thomas has also proven he can be the number one guy which is great for Cleveland consider all the rumors that Lebron may leave after this year.

Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic are both nice big guys to have on a team that seems is ran by all guards. Crowder can not only help in the rebound department but the dude can also shoot well for a guy of his size. The fact that the Cavs get the Nets #1 pick in 2018 is a plus because that is very likely to end up being a top 5 pick in the draft.

Now this is where it gets messy for the Cavs. Thomas injured his hip last season and decided against having surgery on it. This could set up problems because if Thomas goes down then ultimately the Cavs gave up Kyrie for Jae Crowder, which is not great if you are a Cavs fan. Furthermore, Thomas wants to be a max contract player which is a double-edged sword for the Cavs, if he stays healthy and Lebron leaves then the Cavs still have a young future player who has proven he can be a number one player on the team. However, if Lebron stays who knows if Thomas will take a pay cut. Thomas defense is also nowhere near the caliber of Kyrie which is an issue when playing a team like Golden State in the finals let alone the issue of the size of Thomas against a giant Golden State team.

When it rains it pours on the Yankees

The Yankees are trying to win the division and are currently only 4.5 games out of first place. The issue is that when it rains it seems to pour on this team. Many issues are going on such as Judge can no longer hit, Sanchez cannot catch balls which is less than ideal when you play catcher. CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda are on the DL and now they can add Mashahiro Tanaka to that list.

Having these issues are not good news for a team who has a legit chance to catch Boston and take over first place in the AL east. Getting hit with the injury bug is part of the game, especially when the season is so long but this is just terrible timing.

Granted Tanaka and CC have been less than stellar to watch and even at times painful for Yankee fans, but they are still MLB starters and the best the team have on the pitching rotation. Thank god, the Yankees went out and traded for Sonny Gray, otherwise this situation would be much worse. My advice to Yankee fans, keep your head up, the bullpen is still really good with David Robertson, Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman and besides it could be worse, you could be the Mets, have arguably one of the best rotations (at least on paper) and have a good chance to end the year with a losing record.

The Yankees are a young team and will figure it all out. This team looks like if healthy and once all the kinks are ironed out, will start to look like contenders every year again, just like Yankee fans are used to. Every storm runs out of rain so hang in there Yankee fans.

Why Kaepernick is one of the smartest men in the NFL…at least that is what he thinks

Colin Kaepernick is yet to be signed this year and it does not look like he will be getting signed anytime soon. This should not surprise anyone, yet here we are just weeks away from week 1 of the season and people are still talking about how it is either good or bad that he is not on a team.

Everyone is aware that during the 2016 season he decided to kneel during the national anthem to protest the social injustices in society. Kaepernick is not on a team now and many believe the NFL is blackballing him because of his views and his protests however, I view this in a different way, I believe Kaepernick knew what he was doing and I do not think this was to “stand up for the injustices”.

Kaepernick a couple years ago, was one of the best in the league and many people jumped on the bandwagon when the 49ers were contenders every year. Kaepernick was quite then though and he stood for the anthem and just played football. However, when his career started to go downhill he decided to start a circus that every sports station in the nation would talk about. This is not about protesting and making a point, this is about trying to stay relevant in the media and not just fading away.

The past two seasons Kaepernick only played in 21 games with a 3-16 record and completed 59% of his passes and had a 52 QB rating. Those are not star numbers let alone numbers for a starting QB in the NFL. Kaepernick knew his NFL career was done so he wanted to have something he could point to as an escape goat for not playing anymore.

If he is getting blackballed then why did the people who feel this way not protest the NFL when Tebow could not get a job, everyone was quick to say look at his numbers, he can’t play QB. Look at Manziel, why is he not in the league, did he have a fair shake? The bottom line is Kaepernick’s numbers were among the league worst the last couple years and this if anything was just the final nail in the coffin. However, like I said instead of just fading away he is still being talked about. The issue is nobody wants to hear politics in sports, they want their athletes to play a child’s game and win their team games. Once the athlete cannot do that, then its game over for them. Kaepernick is smart and just decided to try to beat the system, only in my opinion he lost because the circus will only last so long.

The verdict is still out on Judge

Aaron Judge blew the minds of many baseball fans during the first half of the season. Judge was batting .329 with 30 HR’s and 66 RBI’s and seemed like a for sure lock to win the rookie of the year and possibly even MVP. He goes to the Home run Derby, puts on a great show and goes on to win. Hell, the Yankees even made “the Judge chambers” in the right field sections. Impressive for a guy who many was surprised made the opening day roster. The issue is the numbers he put up since the break.

Since the break, Judge is batting .169 with 5 HR’s and 12 RBI’s. and is one of the top leaders in the league in strikeouts. These numbers are very troubling for a guy who was demolishing pitchers earlier in the year. Some fans are worried that the homerun derby messed up his swing, some others say he is just in a slump and he will be fine, and yes even though he is struggling right now his season stats as of mid-August, are a .292 batting average with 78 RBI’s and 35 HR’s and has a chance to still finish the season with great numbers. However, I am not sold either way yet.

Watching what Judge did the first half was fun to watch and was truly incredible but even when he was at the top of his game I was not convinced it would last, let’s remember the numbers Judge put up last year for the time he was with the Yankees. In 84 at bats in the 2016 season he was batting .179 with 4 HR’s and 10 RBI’s. These numbers look like his numbers post all-star break this year. As much as I want Judge to back to the numbers he was putting up earlier this year I am not sure he will.

Sure, the Yankees have kind of spoiled their fans these past decades with all the world series wins and guys like Jeter and Rivera, who were the most consistent in the league and in MLB history. Fans have seen what Judge can do but they have also seen someone who is a strikeout leader and unable to get base hits and is not consistent.  So, before we “All Rise for Judge” lets deliberate a little longer and make sure that he is the real deal and not just a flash in the pan.

Cavaliers vs Warriors are good for the game

As the 2017 NBA finals are in full swing many fans debate if the match up is good for the game. Now some fans say no because in the last three years the teams have played each other every game has pretty much been a blowout except for game 7 of the 2016 finals. For the last couple years, everybody expected these two teams to play each other in the finals and that is what many fans do not like. NBA fans say that having these two dominate teams makes for a very boring 82 game season because everyone knows these two teams will duke it out in the finals.

Having two dominate teams like this is a good thing though. NBA fans and sports fans always want the two best teams to play each other for the championships and every sports fan wants rivalries. Furthermore, it is exciting that these two teams have a lot of talent on them which is what people want to watch, fans want to watch superstars not a bunch of tier 2 caliber players. Anytime you get a matchup of not only the top teams but the top stars it will bring in the ratings and more people will watch. The 2017 NBA finals will feature 11 named all stars. Which likely means not many people would tune in to watch a Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors game, just because the talent level is nowhere near the Warriors or Cavs.

It is like the NCAA tournament, not nearly as many people watch the regular season games if at all compared to when March Madness starts up, and that is one of the biggest things in sports. Millions and Millions of brackets are filled out each year and people only watch for a couple weeks knowing the chances are good that a big-name school will likely win it all.

The Cavaliers and Warriors do not hurt basketball just like the Lakers and Celtics did not hurt basketball when Magic and Bird matched up against each other. It brings fans closer to the game because of the big rivalry and the big number of stars. These two teams make people talk about the game with their friends or on social media. These two teams are one of the best match ups in NBA history.

Decisions, Decisions

July 8th,2010 was one of the most memorable times in sports free agency history. This date was when Lebron informed the world on ESPN on his decision to go play in Miami. Lebron got a lot of heat for this (no pun intended), people were so disgusted the way he left and the fact that he left his hometown. Lebron went on to win 2 finals in 4 years with Miami and then made the decision to come back home to Cleveland and win a title for the Cavaliers in 2016 and it appears all was forgiven.

Fast forward to July 2016 when Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder became a free agent an instead of signing a new deal with the Thunder, he signs with the team that came back from a 3-1 deficit in the Western Conference Finals in the 2015- 2016 season, the Golden State Warriors. This move enraged many people for numerous reasons one being that KD is joining the enemy and the most powerful team in the NBA. Another reason being that OKC felt like they were so close to reaching the Finals again and now they lost a key piece in their plan.

The question now is if KD was to win one or more championships with the Warriors and then return to OKC would he be forgiven as Lebron was? To be honest, the answer is no, no he would not. The reason being because OKC has already moved on, they have Russel Westbrook who has become the team’s knight in shiny armor. In the year without KD the Thunder made the postseason and was still one of the top tier teams in the west. The Cavaliers had a different story, the first year without Lebron the Cavaliers were the worst team in the league and only had a rookie Kyrie Irving who was still adjusting to the NBA.

Lebron left Cleveland to start up a big three to run the east, KD joined the warrior team that already had a big three. That is the difference between the two decisions Lebron wanted a chance to work and get to the finals and be a champion. KD joined a team to just win a final. There was a chance that the Heat’s big three would fail however when KD joined the warriors everyone knew the west was already won before the first tip off.

Cleveland needed Lebron, nobody was going to be able to replace him he had the fairy tale story just a kid from the Cleveland area, worked hard and become arguably the best of all time. Kevin Durant’s story is different OKC did not need him he was just a piece in the large plan KD was not going to make or break the Thunder and that has showed in his first year away. Cleveland loves Lebron even after he left. However, the abbreviation for Oklahoma is “OK” which in this case means Over Kevin.